The Top 5

If you love delicious foods, adorable villages, and unmatched beaches when traveling, then the South of France must be on your travel list this summer. This laid-back and sunny region of the country is packed with many glamorous and top-notch destinations for visitors. With a lot of marvelous attractions to see, here are top 5 best places to visit in the South of France:

1. Avignon
Located in the southeastern Provence region, a place like Avignon it the evidence that there are much more than just film festivals and beaches in the South of France. This city is featured by history and unique architecture, which make it a great attraction for sightseeing. The most famous destination is the Pont d’Avignon, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Also, there is a theater festival that is organized annually in July that is worth joining. The Les Halles, the Rocher des Doms garden, and the Pope’s Palace are other popular places to visit when you travel to Avignon as well.

2. Cannes
Cannes is probably best known for the iconic film festival that is held annually. However, this city is worth traveling at any time during the year. Here you can enjoy a walk between the boutique stores and street Boulevard de la Croisette, while the downtown might really heat up after the sunset with an incredible nightlife scene. A couple of things to do and see in Cannes include the walking areas and historic sites such as La Croisette, Le Suquet, and Iles de Lerins. In addition, make sure to pay a visit to the farmers market and try with your luck at the Casino Le Croisette.

3. Antibes
Antibes is just a small town located between Nice and Cannes in Southern France but has quickly become a major tourist destination for many people. The most popular attraction here is the Picasso Museum in the Old Town. If you want to have a picnic, it’s time to visit the Cap d’Antibes, a beautiful peninsula with unspoiled nature. The legendary writer Scott Fitzgerald enjoyed this place a lot, and you could even stay in the Hotel Belles Rives where he once stayed.

4. Nice
Nice is not only the entrance to the French Riviera but it is also a great city for visitors with many exciting things to do and see in the main square. If you get bored with the hustle and bustle, just get off the major routes and find some really charming shops, beach bars, and restaurants in the suburb. The Own Town
walking area, the Castle Hilland, and the Marc Chagall National Museum are all popular destinations that are worth visiting in Nice.

5. Marseille
Marseille is a busy and large city that is not exactly relaxing for a vacation, but it will certainly make you feel excited when traveling to the South of France. There is a variety of iconic sightseeing to see in the area, including the Basilique Notre-Dame, National Park Calanques, the History Museum of Marseille, and Longchamp Boulevard.

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The French Riviera

Regardless of whether you long for a sentimental occasion withdraw or hope to put resources into property in a sheltered and stable nation near and dear, property in France and particularly property on the French Riviera and the south of France can be a decent long haul and secure alternative.

With a chic, modern way of life and a warm atmosphere, the south of France remains a firm most loved among outside property buyers, particularly the British and Scandinavians – this has undoubtedly been the situation for a long time now.

Specifically properties available to be purchased in the south of France have dependably been a mainstream decision among abroad property speculators – interesting towns, grant winning shorelines stylish urban communities, for example, Cannes and Nice keep on drawing property financial specialists toward the south of France, as do the best ski-resorts and all the more inland goals, for example, Valbonne and Mougins, also that overarching feeling of normal chic and refinement that remote guests dependably discover so appealing.

The estimation of property in the south of France keeps on staying stable and is presently moving in a positive heading. Estates and flats in the south of France brag a solid rental market because of the way that by far most of French subjects lease their homes for settled terms of 3 years, and this makes a sound interest for investment property in most real urban communities and in fact towns promote inland, for example, manors in Valbonne and Mougins. In the mean time numerous occasion goals, for example, Cannes, Nice, Antibes and these inland towns are still needing vacationer convenience to fulfill an expanding number of yearly visitor landings to the French Riviera and the south of France.

With flying time of under 2 hours from the UK and most European urban communities, the south of France offers property financial specialists simple access through spending carriers also, a superb street and rail framework. This normally has a unimaginable interest among those searching for a second home or migration in the south of France and not very far from whatever is left of the family back home.

France’s nearness to the UK and whatever is left of Europe is a main consideration impacting the accomplishment of the property advertise on the French Riviera enabling homebuyers to visit routinely and cost-viably, while exploiting the slower pace of life, bring down wrongdoing rates and that specific ‘Jene sais pas’. These have been principle fixings to France’s formula for achievement according to numerous financial specialists. Property available to be purchased on the French Riviera as a venture keeps on being exceptionally famous choice among numerous overall financial specialists and this remaining parts so in 2011 – the French Riviera can offer you a protected speculation inside an all around tried market.

For speculators who gobble up French Riviera property available to be purchased inside its recently creating property markets, great returns can be relied upon over the medium to long haul. The unfaltering advancement of France’s general property market and its blasting vacationer industry in the south of France, costs should keep on rising. Insightful financial specialists are acting now while costs remain moderately low yet rising, and the best French Riviera property venture
openings are as yet accessible.

Truth be told, over the past number of years the amount of British enrolled mortgage holders who have moved to France has risen pointedly. An expansive level of these properties have been obtained as occasion homes by the British and Scandinavians, mirroring an undying enthusiasm for French property as a looked for after property area.

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Resorts of St Tropez, Cannes or Nice

Travelling is a hobby to many. Those who are determined to explore different destinations and experience new adventures and cultures. With the beautiful sceneries around the world, nobody will hesitate visiting them when given a chance. As the holidays draw by, these amazing and interesting places can perfectly allow you to spend well your leisure time.

France has also had its fair share among the most preferred holiday destinations. Not only of their amazing sites but also its cuisines known all over the world. Besides, it is served with some of the best resorts that will ensure you spend your holiday peacefully and in a conducive environment. You can choose from resorts of St. Tropez, Cannes or Nice. These places are welcoming and consists of beautiful sites that will spruce up your holiday. A quick sneak peek of what these resorts have to offer, will enlighten visitors on which resort suits them well.

St Tropez Resort
This is the only town that faces north in French Riviera and forms a perfect place for those wishing to spend their holiday there. Despite not having its own beaches, there are amazing beaches nearby. As a visitor you will get to enjoy sailing on the yachts available in St. Tropez. This will be through the calm waters around without going into the open sea. Taking a stroll around St. Tropez is also a nice experience. You will be able to interact with many English speaking people that visit this place. Besides, you can admire the French as they speak their lovely language. Honestly, it is a conducive environment for your holiday. Near St. Tropez, there is a town known as Port-Grimaud, full of interesting sites, actually regarded as the modern-day Venice. Furthermore, there is Le Foux park between St. Tropez and Port Grimaud. This is where you can spend your time as you enjoy your holiday.

So how nice is Nice? That might be a question running through your mind. Nice is a perfect resort for any person planning for a holiday. It is esteemed as the Riviera Queen. This is because of the amazing sites that are found in Nice. With international airport, parks, promenades, night clubs, restaurants, shops, port
and shopping malls, you should be looking forward to an amazing holiday. Despite having pebbles on their beach instead of sand, it is still a perfect place to be.

Looking for a perfect seaside resort, then Cannes is the place to be. It has amazing sandy beaches and promenades. However, you will have to put up with the congested traffic. But on getting to its beach, you can get involved in the various activities that takes place. For that reason, Cannes, resort guarantees a lively holiday.

Resorts offer a perfect place to spend your holiday together with your friends and families. There are a couple of activities you can engage in while on these resorts, for instance, kayaking, swimming, beach soccer and many more. France has some of the most amazing beaches known all over the world. They include Cannes, St. Tropez and Nice. You can have your pick depending on how you intend to spend your holiday. Nevertheless, be sure your holiday will be worthwhile.




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