Places to Visit in the South of France

Millions of foreign tourist visit France every year. You may be asking yourself, What is the South of France known for? Why should you wish to visit the South of France? France is an excellent place with beautiful beaches, seaside resorts, ski resorts, French villages, astonishing gardens etc. It has everything like art, history, culture, adventure, romance. There are also a couple of natural parks and religious pilgrimage places in south of France. A lot of tourists are attracted and drawn towards Disneyland Paris and other theme parks like Puy du Fou, Futuroscope and park Asterix.

Most popular Tourist sites in south of France

Effiel Tower
Palace of Versailles
Musee d Orsay
Mont Saint Michel
Centre Pompidou
Puy de Dome
The Grand Palais

South of France is full of adventure. There are many adventurous activities like cycling, walking, water sports, etc in French states like Normandy, Brittany, and Dordogne etc. Some of these activities include:
Cycling: South of France is a perfect place for cycling. One can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Paris, beaches, and resorts on a cycle. There is a separate marked path for cyclists in France which is about 6000 Km. Self-guided day trip or week-long guided trips are available for exploring the dairy farms, beaches and
other places in France. The day tour is about 30 miles per day. Many tours also offer packages for what they call French Cycle holiday

Horse riding in seine Valley: It is the best way to explore the different region of France Almost every town provides horse riding trips with a guide or unaccompanied. Donkey trekking and Mule trekking is also a very favored activity for many tourists. It is a bit costlier than horse riding.

Sailing and Sand yachting: If you want to learn the art of sailing and surfing France is the best place to do so. South of France is very well known for its recreational water sports activities like sailing, surfing, boating, fishing, diving, Canoeing, Canal boating etc. Every beach or seaside town has an own sailing school that provides sailing teachings Tourist can also take their sailboats on a day picnic to a small island. Sailing on dry land and sand yachting can also be learned in Brittany, It is also a popular sport in Mont St Michel over the years.

Paragliding and hang gliding: These are the most popular activities in south of France. One can also practice caving in the caverns of south-west France. Local clubs in France offer courses in caving and also organize day trips tours.
Skiing and snowboarding: Every year thousands and millions of foreigners visit south of France due to these popular sports activities. Tourist can opt for either Ski mountaineering, downhill or cross country. Although it is expensive it is worth the experience. The peak season is February and March.

Mountain climbing: one can do mountain climbing any time of the year. One can take the help of professional mountain guides to experience this adventure. Walking holidays and rock climbing can also be undertaken in France.

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