Resorts of St Tropez, Cannes or Nice

Travelling is a hobby to many. Those who are determined to explore different destinations and experience new adventures and cultures. With the beautiful sceneries around the world, nobody will hesitate visiting them when given a chance. As the holidays draw by, these amazing and interesting places can perfectly allow you to spend well your leisure time.

France has also had its fair share among the most preferred holiday destinations. Not only of their amazing sites but also its cuisines known all over the world. Besides, it is served with some of the best resorts that will ensure you spend your holiday peacefully and in a conducive environment. You can choose from resorts of St. Tropez, Cannes or Nice. These places are welcoming and consists of beautiful sites that will spruce up your holiday. A quick sneak peek of what these resorts have to offer, will enlighten visitors on which resort suits them well.

St Tropez Resort
This is the only town that faces north in French Riviera and forms a perfect place for those wishing to spend their holiday there. Despite not having its own beaches, there are amazing beaches nearby. As a visitor you will get to enjoy sailing on the yachts available in St. Tropez. This will be through the calm waters around without going into the open sea. Taking a stroll around St. Tropez is also a nice experience. You will be able to interact with many English speaking people that visit this place. Besides, you can admire the French as they speak their lovely language. Honestly, it is a conducive environment for your holiday. Near St. Tropez, there is a town known as Port-Grimaud, full of interesting sites, actually regarded as the modern-day Venice. Furthermore, there is Le Foux park between St. Tropez and Port Grimaud. This is where you can spend your time as you enjoy your holiday.

So how nice is Nice? That might be a question running through your mind. Nice is a perfect resort for any person planning for a holiday. It is esteemed as the Riviera Queen. This is because of the amazing sites that are found in Nice. With international airport, parks, promenades, night clubs, restaurants, shops, port
and shopping malls, you should be looking forward to an amazing holiday. Despite having pebbles on their beach instead of sand, it is still a perfect place to be.

Looking for a perfect seaside resort, then Cannes is the place to be. It has amazing sandy beaches and promenades. However, you will have to put up with the congested traffic. But on getting to its beach, you can get involved in the various activities that takes place. For that reason, Cannes, resort guarantees a lively holiday.

Resorts offer a perfect place to spend your holiday together with your friends and families. There are a couple of activities you can engage in while on these resorts, for instance, kayaking, swimming, beach soccer and many more. France has some of the most amazing beaches known all over the world. They include Cannes, St. Tropez and Nice. You can have your pick depending on how you intend to spend your holiday. Nevertheless, be sure your holiday will be worthwhile.




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